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Hey, I’m a 17 yo high school senior based in Vancouver, Canada, who’s dedicated towards improving the quality of life for people around the world through biotechnology. Previously, I've done extensive research in longevity genomics, human sirtuins, and synergistic antibiotics, and have interned at companies including Novartis.

Currently, I am focused on solving the diagnostic gap in tuberculosis by developing an ML model to predict pulmonary active TB disease progression. Over 1/4 of the global population is infected with latent TB, where patients are asymptomatic and cannot spread the disease. However, around 5-15% of latent TB infections develop into active TB infections where symptoms and transmission collectively lead to over 1.6 millions deaths. There are currently methods to diagnose active TB, but no current way of predicting it.

my experiences:

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Intern @ Novartis
South Korea | Aug 23’
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eHealth Regional Manager @ Spectre Technology™
Canada / Croatia / Netherlands | Jul 23’ - Nov 23'
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Outreach Lead / Intern @ Med-Tech World
Remote / Malta | Feb 23’ - Sep 23'
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Marketing Executive @ Refoundation
Canada (Vancouver) | Feb 23’ - Present
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Pharmacy Assistant @ SDM Pharmacy
Canada (Langley) | Feb 22’ - Present
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Activate Student @ The Knowledge Society (TKS)
Canada (Vancouver) | Sep 22’ - Present
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Innovate Student @ FSL Science World
Canada (Vancouver) | Sep 21’ - Apr 23'

some of my past projects:

some of my recent newsletters

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